Join the marketplace that gives you the power to be YOU and excel in your chosen path. We empower and promote companies, startup, NGOs and individuals who offer services, expertise, skills and talents online and offline.

Going global and cross-culture business transaction has never been easier and democratized

Glodigit is an all-sourcing marketplace for all services that you can offer remotely and in-person; whether you are a company, a startup, 
an NGO, a freelancer, a web guru, a lawyer, an artist, a footballer, a cleaner, a pet-sitter, and even a surrogate mother.

Whatever services that your company/startup offers online/offline or whatever way you want to monetize your expertise, skills and talents, with Glodigit you can Fast-track Your Success.

It's free. Easy. Fast - Secure for you and the buyers.






How to sell on Glodigit?

Post unlimited service offers with 'Buy Now and/or 'Get A Quote' options and receive instant sales,
quote requests, and negotiate with buyers/business partners with Glodigit's innovative tools. All free of charge.

No limitation. No credit card. No monthly fees. Only 3% sales commission, not 20% to 50% like others.


      Selling on Glodigit for everyone:

  1. Create a free account and a Shop
  2. Create unlimited products/services for selling
  3. Buyers will buy and pay to your Glodigit account or pay you cash money, if you offer your services in-person and the buyer choose the option 'Pay Cash on delivery,'
  4. Deliver the order as described
  5. Buyers will check and approve the order
  6. You can now withdraw your money.



      Selling on Glodigit as a sponsor:

  1. See our Sponsorship Plans or contact us to discuss your  sponsorship needs.
  2. Get access to your Glodigit Sponsor's account
  3. Create unlimited products/services for selling
  4. Buyers will be sent to your website/shop for buying
  5. You are 100% responsible. Buying, payment, delivery, and others will remain between you and buyers.




1- Buyer pay directly to your account on Glodigit but you can't withdraw the money yet. As soon as you served the buyer and the buyer acknowledged the service you offer, you can withdraw your money through your bank account, mobile money, cashpoints or others. Click here for all payment methods.   

2- Buyers can pay you cash money, if you offer your services in-person and the buyer choose the option 'Pay Cash on delivery.



-Click here to see all our payment methods-





More than just a marketplace, Glodigit is a Marketplace & Revshare Community, with a lifetime revenue/income guarantee for everyone; when you are working and when you are not able to work due to vacation, illness, or retirement.

Your earning is guaranteed for a lifetime with Glodigit’s 4-Ways Revenue/Income Models:

  • 1- Glodigit my services.
  • 2- Glodigit Crowd-earning Program.
  • 3- Glodigit TeamUp Network. 
  • 4- Glodigit FundToWin.