.PRO Name + Emails. Create a unique, distinctive and recognizable Brand Tone Of Voice with your own .PRO domain name + Emails.

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Creating a unique, distinctive and recognizable Brand Tone Of Voice is now easy, fast, and cost-effective with your .PRO Name + Emails. Give it a try for only $18/year for the 1st year.

Adopt a strategic approach to Creating A Unique Brand Tone Of Voice with a domain name and email addresses that promotes you and your profession in a professional way, instead of promoting other companies with yournameATtheircompany.com on your profiles, business card, and each time you send out emails.

With your .PRO Name + Emails, you don't need to have a website to start communicating like a PRO and no technical skills required. All you need to get started is to place your order and we will take care of the rest. Say GOODBYE to the strange names and email addresses on your profiles, business card, and email communications, create and start promoting your own brand strategically.


  1. We will register you 1 .PRO domain name of your choice.
  2. Emails addresses like you@yourproname.pro 
  3. A multi-user Domain & Emails Management Tools at your finger-tips 24/7.
  4. Auto-responders: to reply to your emails with your customized messages like:
    'Thank you for contacting me, please use the following link to book a call/appointment or Hire me on Glodigit.com'
  5. Domain forwarding: to forward the people who will be visiting your .PRO domain name to anywhere you want them to land on: a website, your Glodigit marketplace, or your social media profile/page.
  6. Email forwarding: to forward your .Pro emails to any other email addresses you already own.
  7. Free setup of your domain name and the email addresses you would like to create.  
  8. You don't need to have a website and no technical skills required. 

Give it a try for only $18/year for the 1st year.

Register your .pro domain name in less than 1 hour on Glodigit.com

Why choosing Nametorize as your Name and Naming service provider?

Whatever business you are starting or new products/services you are investing in; it's all starts with a domain name. With 16+ years on the domain name market, 1000s of domain names under our management, and domain name registration under more than 200 domain extensionsNametorize is the best global partner you can count on.

Our extensive portfolio of old and new global domain name TLDs is helping businesses, organizations, and individuals like you, stand out and extend their digital identities.


How important is a domain name?

More than just a name or a web address; a domain name is the internet's most valuable asset, your domain name is actually your digital property.

A domain name/business name is the foundation of every online and offline business and your .PRO domain name will surely help you create a distinctive, recognizable, and unique Band Tone Of Voice. 

Naming a business is a lot like laying the cornerstone of a new building, once the cornerstones of a new building are already in place, the entire foundation and structure are aligned to that original cornerstone.

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