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Serve & Get served, locally and globally. Glodigit is reimagining the way the world serves and gets served in both virtual and real worlds. Glodigit is an all-sourcing marketplace for all services that you can offer remotely and in-person; whether you are a company, a startup, an NGO, a freelancer, a web guru, a lawyer, an artist, a footballer, a cleaner, a pet-sitter, and even a surrogate mother. ***More than just a marketplace, Glodigit is a Marketplace & Revshare Community, with a lifetime revenue/income guarantee for everyone; when you are working and when you are not able to work due to vacation, illness, or retirement. Your earning is guaranteed for a lifetime with Glodigit’s 4-Ways Revenue/Income Models: 1- Glodigit my services. 2- Glodigit Crowd-earning Program. 3- Glodigit TeamUp Network. and 4- Glodigit FundToWin.

Member since 2 June 2020